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Assignity was set up by a group of six experts in HEOR and PRMA. We have been working together in the field of life sciences for more than 10 years and have built an authentic, professional, and trustworthy team.

I am a pharmacist and market access professional.

After short episodes at a community pharmacy and in a regulatory department of a pharmaceutical company, I realised that market access is the career I want to pursue. I started as an analyst preparing HTA submissions in a Polish consulting firm and then shifted to Creativ-Ceutical where I was the first Polish employee. I soon became the lead of the Polish office which, over just a few years, grew to a team of more than 70 extremely talented and professional people.

Over 8 years at Creativ-Ceutical, I progressed from associate to principal consultant and participated in a large number of market access projects, including competitive landscape analysis, positioning scenarios and market access opportunities assessment, evidence generations plans, drug policy and managed entry agreement overviews, primary research,  ad boards with payers, HTA experts and KOLs, critical review of HTA reports, market access strategy across product life cycle, and development of payer value propositions, core value dossiers and value communication tools.

I am an enthusiast of pilates, commuting by bike and discovering nature by hiking and SUP.

Biotechnologist by background, specializing in molecular genetics, and holding a PhD in Clinical Research and Public Health from Aix-Marseille University.

Having always been committed to the scientific world, I embarked on my journey in HEOR a decade ago. My experience spans across several consulting companies, notably Creativ-Ceutical, where I was leading the Evidence Synthesis department. Over the years, I have overseen the development of more than 500 systematic and rapid literature reviews, many of which have supported HTA submissions, including those to NICE.

I am familiar with using various artificial intelligence tools in literature reviews and have been an adviser for several leading companies developing them.

I have shared my expertise through international HEOR/PRMA courses and conferences, including HTA Academy, EMAUD, and ISPOR. As a member of the Cochrane community, I specialize in rapid reviews methodology.

Privately, I love traveling, I am passionate about water sports and psychology.

If you are concerned about your literature review, not sure about the scope and best methodological approach, I am here to support you with my team.

I studied mathematics and specialized in financial mathematics and statistics. During my studies, I became interested in HEOR and started working for one of the best Polish companies providing services in this area. Later, I continued my development at Creativ-Ceutical, an international leader in pharmaceutical consulting. Progressing from intern to an experienced consultant working with global companies, I have enjoyed creative work in close cooperation with clients to capture complex natural processes within mathematical models.

During my 10+ years of work in the area, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive health economic service. I have worked on many types of models and analyses, as well as their adaptations to specific conditions and countries. Recently, I have been working with passion on dynamic transmission models used in vaccine modelling.

I live in Krakow, Poland, with my husband, our two sons, and a growing family of house plants. My mornings start with coffee and cycling to the office or wherever my legs take me.

I am a mathematician by background, a health economist by experience, and a modeller by passion!

With more than 13 years of experience in economic modelling, I have been responsible for the development of tens of models from scratch, including cost-effectiveness and budget impact models as well as more simple cost calculators. My area of expertise spans Markov transition models, discrete event simulations, decision trees and micro-simulations. I have supported many HTA submissions in several countries and have represented pharmaceutical companies in front of HTA bodies. My analytical competence covers several therapeutic areas and diseases, and my professional focus is now directed to economic evaluation of gene therapies. This was a topic of my PhD thesis.

Privately, I am a happy husband and father of two fantastic boys. Recently, a shepherd dog  has also joined our family.

Curiosity-driven and adaptable solution-seeker

I have studied Applied Biotechnology and specialized in molecular biology. After completing my studies, I started continuous growth in pharmaceutical consulting, first at a small company and later at Creativ-Ceutical. During my career, I have conducted numerous projects involving landscaping analyses, payer research, funding pathway mapping, reimbursement potential assessment, and pricing. I supported the launch of innovative pharmaceuticals, digital technologies, and integrated care solutions. I was also engaged in the development of new services and tools helping clients to achieve their strategic market access objectives. I am passionate about innovative technology, whether it is used to treat rare diseases, help patients manage themselves, collect evidence in clinical programs, or to make better informed decisions. I am continuously seeking for new solutions to deliver high-standard services that help my clients overcome market access challenges.

After working hours, I like to do sport, mainly go running or biking. For longer breaks, I love outdoor trips into wild nature.

I am a biotechnologist with a specialization in medical biotechnology and started my professional adventure in a biotechnological company. However, soon after, I have found my real passion lies in the area of outcomes research.

Over 13 years, I have become an expert in meta-analyses, network meta-analyses, and other types of indirect comparisons. Every day, I try to connect what is disconnected, combine what is scattered, and even make feasible what was considered unfeasible. I have designed, appraised, consulted, and conducted dozens of network meta-analyses and meta-regressions, as well as population-adjusted comparisons, including matching-adjusted indirect comparisons and simulated treatment comparisons.

Privately, I am quite a predictable person: four times I have celebrated the birth of my children and each time it was a son.

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