Who We Are

Efficient partner for Pharma Flexible support for Consulting


Assignity was founded by six experts in HEOR and PRMA who previously formed the senior leadership team at a leading international consultancy in the field. Members of the Assignity team also have extensive experience gained in other consulting companies.

After more than 10 years in life science consulting, we founded Assignity with the aim to bring
tailored scientific solutions to our clients. Assignity partners with both pharmaceutical companies
and other consultancies to tackle market access and HEOR challenges. At Assignity, we share a culture of mutual respect and support, which allows us to create a friendly, professional, and effective team of consultants and analysts.


Signed off by Assignity

Signed off by Assignity stands for excellent quality of deliverables that fully address our clients’ needs. Partnering with both Consulting agencies and directly with Pharma companies, Assignity can help you face some of the biggest challenges in the fields of HEOR and PRMA.

Efficient partner for Pharma


The challenges faced by each new technology are different and require dedicated and flexible support. We offer in-depth involvement of senior team members at each project step, to fulfil the expectations of pharmaceutical companies for quality, flexibility and creativity.

Flexible support for Consulting Companies

The limitations in human resources and variations in workload do not always allow for sufficient commitment from in-house staff to fulfil the needs of every project. Assignity can help consulting companies with the execution of complex projects or specific project parts.

Assign it to Assignity

our values

We value the diverse personalities, cultures, backgrounds, and expertise that our colleagues bring to Assignity, and allow each team member to showcase their strengths.

We encourage team members to confidently express themselves on all aspects of their work and ask managers to give regular, fair, and constructive feedback, which allowed us to establish a culture of trustful and open communication in the company.

We accept and delegate responsibilities and lead by example, allowing our team members to develop in their roles through on-the-job experience and constructive feedback. We value creativity, are not afraid to think out of the box, and take pride in our work.

We are committed and proactive, and we stay in control under pressure to deliver projects successfully and on time.

We are mutually respectful, fair, honest, and ethical under all circumstances.

Who We Are

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